Dream Catcher is an international arts journal, which offers contemporary readers a terrific mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews. Our contributors span the globe, making Dream Catcher a truly international magazine. Dream Catcher’s eclecticism is its strength. The range of literary styles is wide and what began as a magazine for student writers has become a discerning publication keen to attract new work from wherever it might emerge, aimed at readers wherever they might be.  

You will find back issues of Dream Catcher on our website. Take a look. The range of work is astonishing and whether you are a writer, a reader, an editor, teacher or librarian, we’re sure you’ll want to subscribe to this most readable of literary magazines.

A magazine that never changes is a stagnant entity. We now have a relationship with a cutting edge art gallery, According to McGee, who help us to chose new and exciting art which enriches each issue and provides the cover. Perto of our vision is to broaden Dream Catcher to work effectively with all areas of the performing and visual arts, and along the way draw in a new readership.

Located in York, our events draw audiences from across the region and we are increasingly to be found at festivals across the country as the reputation of the magazine spreads.

New Editor from 2020

In January 2020 Amina Alyal was appointed to be the new editor of Dream Catcher from issue 41.


Dream Catcher began in York in 1996, where Canadian founding editor Paul Sutherland then lived. From the outset the emphasis has been on both writer and reader. 

In 2011 Dream Catcher entered into an agreement with Stairwell Books to take on the technical and administrative business of preparing Dream Catcher for publication.

In 2013, editorial responsibility for Dream Catcher passed to poets Alan Gillott and Rose Drew who in turn recruited guest editors to put together new issues of the magazine, in part to ensure that all types of voices are heard, and in part to help us determine the direction of the magazine. Issue 28 was edited by an all female panel with a female art editor and from issue 29 the magazine was guest edited by poet John Gilham who formally took the reigns in 2015. Pat Borthwick, a renowned Yorkshire Poet, who was unable to be part of the Issue 28 panel was invited to edit Issue 32. In 2019, on John’s retirement Wendy Pratt took over for a year but with an impending PhD she decided she could not do justice to both endeavours and from January 2020 the editorship will be the responsibility of Amina Alyal.

Contemporary writing for contemporary readers is our guiding principle. Enjoy this website. Whether you’re a writer or reader, Dream Catcher is for you..